What is Laser TV?

What is Laser TV?

Laser TV, quite simply, is using lasers as the light source instead of high intensity lamps for creating an image for rear projector and front projector televisions.  If lasers are used, 90% of all the colors that are viable by the human eye will be able to be displayed.  By contrast, TV technology available can only display around 40%.  Oh yeah, and it only takes one-fourth the power of the popular LCD and Plasma TVs.

With the obvious advantages what has been the hold-up?  How come we don’t have a thousand Laser HDTVs for review already?  Well you need a Red, Green, and Blue laser to power a Laser TV.  Red lasers have been cheap and available for a while.  Blue and Green lasers were another story.  Researchers figured out how to use something called frequency doubling to produce the other wavelength colors.  We could get even more nerdier, but you really only have to know that they are just….better.

The advantages are many:

  • Low weight
  • Low power
  • Thin
  • More than double the color
  • 50,000 hour life
  • Day one great picture, Day 2000+ still the same picture.  No fading.


  • Safety?  Probably not a huge risk though.  Diffusion techniques eliminate the risk to the human eye.
  • Speckle – another word for scattered light problems.  Fixed by diffusers and other things like moving screens.

Our reviews of Laser televisions get us really excited.  This is one great television technology.  More and more and more of them will be on the market.  We will try to have a Laser HDTV review for you every time one comes on the market.